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Ansuz Mainz X

5,800 kr


Hela Ansuz X serie finns för demo i butiken!

Ansuz kablar bjuder på mycket låg induktans och kapacitans vilket lett till en neutral kabel med väldigt bra svärta.

Tillverkade i Danmark!

Priset avser 1m kabel. Kontakta oss för pris på andra längder.



With the cables from Ansuz X-level we can satisfy a large group of music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts who have felt
that an Ansuz set-upwas a greater investment, than they were willing to take.
Even with the strong price/performance ratio of the new X-series, the compromises are nearly non-existent.
All the cables in the range are assembled by skilled professionals in Denmark.

Ansuz Cable range

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”– we probably all know this idiom, but allow us to rephrase it:
“your amplifier, turntable, CD or speakers are no better than the cables that connect them”.
In other words, there is no need to invest in new electronics, until you optimize your system with at setup of quality cables.
Some of what makes the Ansuz Acoustics cables so special, are the cables’ very low inductance and capacity values, which are key features,
because this means that the signal comes through without any frequency or time distortion.
These low values have been achieved through some unique Ansuz Acoustic technologies.
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