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Ansuz Sparkz TC

8,100 kr


ENHANCING THE HIFI EXPERIENCEHIFI enthusiasts know the term, “Black is the foundation …” – which conserns creating the right environment for the best HIFI sound experience. SPARKZ Sound Enhancer are based on a simple technology, but will contribute with something quite special to your HIFI environment.

SPARKZ SOUND ENHANCER The Sparkz Sound Enhanzer is something of a mystery, because of it’s impressing effect to HIFI sound environment.

And then again, it is not so mysterious because the construction is designed to take advantage of an well known and proven sound phenomenon – the scalar field.In modern times we work with the concept of sound waves, waves moving up and down in a steep or flat Sine Curve – all HIFI systems emit sound in this way. The scalar effect however is an old and low-tech way of dispatching sound lines in longitudinal direction across Sine Waves.

When activated the Sparkz will have impact on the sound waves from your HIFI system, tugging in the lively sounds and assist your sound gear in creating the most pure and tender HIFI experience – the idea is logical but the effect is magical. Our test shows that medium range HIFI gear in most cases will perform better than an more expensive HIFI system. Naturally the best HIFI systems will also benefit from a Sparkz Sound Enhancer.

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