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Entreq Eartha Infinityline Discover

2,000 kr

Jordkablar kan beställas i en mängd olika termineringar beroende på behov: RCA, XLR, RG45, USB, Gaffel-krok och Schuko-strömkontakt. 1.65m lång vid andra längre kontakta oss för prisuppgift.



The way the cables used to drain away the noise / stay currents are designed has an signify effect on the result. We believe this is due to there being such a high frequency and low voltage in the current with which we deal.  When we develope the Apollo Networkcable Apollo RG 45 we more or less stumble in to one of the most breaktroughing developments so far regarding earth cables and grounding. We test with expose the conductors for very high pressure. When this conductors was used for signal transmission it was not a big hit. But for grounding it´s one of the biggest improvment we ever came across.
There are many theorys why we get this improvment when we treat the conductors with high pressure. To be honnest we dont know which or what it is who make this big improvment, and frankly speaking we don´t care at the moment. The important is that this is one of the biggest leap in grounding for us so far.
Another detail is the wood tube on all of the Eartha Infinity cables. Also we are not sure if it´s because it reduce vibrations or radiation that we notice a significant improvment with the wood tube on Eartha Infinity.

Spontaneously, you feel that the design of a cable not used to convey signals, but rather to connect to the earth, should not have any effect on the sound.
However, the choice of materials and the design of the earth cable produces completely different results. Again, we can only find the explanation in that it is a matter of very high frequencies, or else there should not be so big difference between connectors, regular copper cable and mirror-twisted silver cable
Actually, it is merely the design of the contacts and the dialectrum that join a good earth cable with a good signal cable.  Otherwise, they have hardly anything else in common.

Eartha Infinity Cupper.                           Produces a warm effect.
Eartha Infinity Discover                         A hybrid cable with good details and neutral.
Eartha Infinity Konstantin.                    Produces more detailed effect, but still warm
Eartha Infinity Challenger.                    A hybrid Copper/Silver that is rather neutral and with  very good details.
Eartha Infinity Silver                              Produces a very detailed effect, especially at high frequencies.
Eartha Infinity Apollo                            Neutral, but very open and detailed. Our most allround cable.
Eartha Infinity Atlantis                           For the best systems. Very detailed, with a warmer character
Eartha Olympus                                     For the best systems. Compareable with Apollo in sound but far more detailed. A winner.

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