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Entreq Tellus II

12,000 kr


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In one way Tellus II is old stuff in new packaging. But at the same time it’s a totally new groundbox that will open up for many new possibilitys. Left and Right outlet are two separated Silver Minimus and the outlet in the middle is the same as a Silver Minimus and Atlantis Mini built together in one chamber.

In other words, its a “entry level Poseidon”  
It  offers three dedicated ground points wich are toyally separated from each other. For further information about all the options, please take a look at the Poseidon. Tellus II work the same way.
Together with our dedicated Eartha cables, K2 or Everest there will be a combonation that works for you.

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm – H 12cm – D 31cm

Note : The Tellus, Tellus II or Silver Tellus is not designed to replace the                   protective ground on your electrical mains!

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