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Avid Pellar

11,900 kr

AVID’s Pulsare and Pulsus phonostages have established high regard with customers and press alike.

Directly related to the Pulsus the Pellar brings the possiblity of owning an AVID phonostage to a new entry level price point.
Unusual at this price level, there are three gain options for MM, low and high gain MC cartridge types.

As with its bigger relation this is an un-balanced design, but still keeping noise exceptionally low, even with an intergated power supply.
Distortion across the audio spectrum is exceptionally low and with impressive headroom, a character common to all our electronic designs.

Pellar retains the high-specification components of the Pulsus, including the gold-plated RCA connections and with the gain settings still easily adjustable from the underside of the casework.

Cartridge resistance value is set to 47k, suitable for MM cartridges. There are additional RCA connections on the rear panel to allow customised restistance loading plugs to be used, so that any restance value can be set for any cartridge. This offers exceptional flexibility and precision.

The passive RIAA (with Neumann HF correction) circuit using high-end capacitors is retained, helping maintain linearity of reproduction.
The new internal regulated power supply provides refined smooth power to maintain its poise.

In keeping with our high standards, the Pellar is completely manufactured within our own facility. Everything from PCB assembly, testing and quality control to the high quality casework ensures a desirable sounding product with exceptional value.




: < -81dB MM    <-67dB MC


: < 0.001%


: 5Hz – 70kHz +/-0.5dB


: 48dB – 60dB – 70dB

Resistance loading

: 47k – Custom

Capacitance loading

: 100pf

Power supply

: Internal regulated with 24va transformer

Voltage input

: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 10 watts max. (depending on region)


: 120 x 230 x 70mm (WxDxH)

Net weight

: 1.6Kg (3.5lb)


: 305 x 250 x 110mm (WxDxH)

Shipping weight

: 2.2Kg (4.9lb)


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