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Shunyata Venom Ethernet

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Shunyata Research digital cables are produced using a ‌Precision Matched Impedance concept. This means that tolerances of the conductor surface, conductor diameter, dielectric extrusion, and the precision of the conductor spacing and positioning are held to minute variances. To achieve these tight tolerances, the cable extrusion process must be run at one-quarter speed during the manufacturing process. The result is better performance through a reduction of cable-induced ‘signal jitter’.

(Z definition = impedance)

‌‌ArNi® wire was designed by Shunyata Research to be the finest quality wire available. It begins with the highest purity of copper and silver metals available, including Ohno (single crystal), PCOCC silver and OFE C0101 conductors. Fluorocarbon dielectrics, usually only found in aerospace applications that have exceptional electrical characteristics including extremely low dielectric absorption, high dielectric strength and superb heat resistance.  When used in digital wiring it significantly reduces transient energy storage and release which affects phase noise performance.

— And finally every cable undergoes our proprietary KPIP™ process.

Belden Ethernet RJ45 connectors are a modular design that makes it easy re-terminate in the event that the connector is damaged. They feature contacts that are gold plated over a Palladium/Nickel base metal. In our battery of performance tests they finish second to only the more expensive German Telegartner.

Venom Ethernet

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