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Shunyata Delta

600 kr21,000 kr

Shunyata Research’s new Reference NR Line power cords were developed using the same materials science and technologies that make the Omega QR the market’s ultimate cost-no-object power cord.  The Reference Line power cables are designed to be used with the worlds finest audio components.

There are three levels of performance in the Reference Line starting with the Delta v2 NR and Delta v2 XC models.  The Alpha v2 is a level up from the Delta v2 with the Sigma v2 taking the top spot in the line. All Reference models feature Shunyata Research’s exclusive VTX-Ag conductors that combine an ultra pure silver with a concentrically wound layer of OFE copper.  This provides the speed and transparency of silver with the richness, tonal color and power of pure copper.

Using proprietary conductors and parts developed for the Omega QR, the Reference NR Series delivers pace-setting performance in each product category. Noise reduction technology and Shunyata Research’s own CopperCONN™ connectors propel the Delta v2 NR cable to previously unattainable levels of performance.


Reference XC cables are designed specifically to optimize the performance of Shunyata Research power conditioners.  The Delta v2 XC cables eschew noise reduction features in favor of enhanced DTCD dynamic transient current delivery.  Using proprietary conductors and parts developed for the Omega XC, the Delta v2 XC delivers pace-setting DTCD instantaneous current delivery, optimizing power conditioner and high-current amplifier performance.

The Delta v2 XC is an ideal power cable for your Shunyata Research power conditioner while the Delta v2 NR provides noise reduction to the source components.  The Delta v2 NR provides great performance for all of the source equipment like CD players, DACs, tuners and preamplifiers while the Delta v2 XC is a good choice for some high-current amplifiers.


Delta NR v2 C15 (1.75M), Delta NR v2 C19 (1.75M), Delta XC C15 (1.75M), Delta XC C19 (1.75M), Delta Series Längre kabel (0.25M)

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