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Avid Ingenium plug and play

19,900 kr

Since their introduction, our award winning Diva turntables have been the benchmark for entry level turntables. With the increased popularity of vinyl reproduction, but the ever increasing costs of production, the Diva for many has become an entry level aspiration.

Despite requests for lesser cost models and a product which offers the options which embodied the Diva Mk1, we have resisted lowering our philosophical and engineering standards to join the ranks of inexpensive rectangular plastic or wooden ’turntables’ a plenty around the world.

Ingenium shares the design philosophy of our more expensive designs, has true engineered audiophile quality, utilises key elements of the Diva II and has an exposed minimal design that achieves new standards of style and excellence.

AVID’s unique sapphire bearing and platter has been retained from the Diva II, using our unique clamping system which efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from both the record and platter. The main chassis to which the bearing and arm are rigidly coupled is machined from two and a half inch solid aluminium and allows us to offer different arm fitting options.

Ingenium’s basic package comes complete with a high quality carbon fibre tonearm. Optional models offer standard 9″ SME fitting, 12″ SME fitting and also twin arm options of two 9″ SME or one of each 9″ and 12″ SME fitting. Other combinations and arm fitting are available upon request.

In common with our other designs, isolating the main chassis is critical to maintain low coloration. We have employed the same optimised elastomer used in the Diva II giving excellent mechanical isolation of the playing surface, resulting in better information retrieval and resolution.

Using a mains powered version of the powerful motor employed in the Diva II and encapsulated within a bespoke housing to eliminate motor vibration entering the turntable, the resulting stability and the huge dynamic sound is instantly recognisable as AVID.

Ingenium offers more people the chance of opening a window to quality audiophile vinyl reproduction, with the opportunity to use today’s wide variety of available pick up arms, without feeling its ”just another turntable”.     It’s reassuringly an AVID turntable through and through….




9″ Carbon

9″ SME

12″ SME

9″ SME Twin

9″/12″ SME Twin

Model Code



Platter Mass


Thrust point




Voltage input


Net Weight

Shipping weight


ING001 inc.arm    ING002 no arm

Belt Drive

33.3 and 45.0 RPM

2.0 Kg (inc. optional clamp 2.5 Kg)

Inverted stainless steel

Tungsten carbide/Sapphire


Project 9 Carbon

115/230v 12mNm ac synchronous

115-240vac 50/60Hz 10 watts max. (regional)

370 x 305 x 130mm

5.9 Kg (inc. arm)

8.0 Kg

54 x 36 x 22cm  (WxDxH)


SME 9″ Std

390 x 305 x 130mm

5.6 Kg

8.0 Kg

54 x 36 x 22cm  (WxDxH)


SME 12″ Std

461 x 314 x 130mm

6.3 Kg

8.5 Kg

54 x 36 x 22cm  (WxDxH)


2x SME 9″ Std

478 x 306 x 130mm

6.9 Kg


74 x 36 x 22cm  (WxDxH)


SME 9″ + SME 12″ Std

552 x 313 x 130mm

7.1 Kg


74 x 36 x 22cm  (WxDxH)

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