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Originlive ENTERPRISE-C 9,5″

58,990 kr

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Superlative sound
”A superb pickup arm with a grippingly musical sound and lovely rhythmic ability. It has wonderful tonal shading (an SME Series V sounds monochrome by comparison) and deep soundstaging, with masses of detail… Overall it’s an exceptional performer — one which offers a brilliant mix of tonality and rhythmic grip.” Hi-Fi World Full Review

”Improved harmonics and tonality were obvious almost right out of the gate. The ambience that filled my dining room caused an immediate stir of emotions… the enhanced tonal shadings produced by this combo made me sit up and pay close attention. The pace, rhythm and timing (PRaT) were stunningly present… You could have knocked me over with a feather.” Stereo Times (Product of the Year Award) Full Review

”You are just so bowled over by the music that the rest is simply ‘in the noise level’. But it’s weird, this is what the records are supposed to be communicating, and suddenly, it’s completely natural and easy to listen to…”
Bari Full Review
”in the case of the Enterprise-C (12 inch) what notional sacrifices are made in extending the arm are more than balanced by the added accuracy across the whole album side. There is a ‘just cut’ fluidity and openness to the sound that makes it seem like albums you know through repeated plays are fresh from the stamper”
Hi Fi+ Full Review

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For more information, click on the relevant sidebar links. ‘Key Information’ gives a detailed overview of all Origin Live tonearms.

The culmination of all the expertise garnered through many years of research, Enterprise is the ultimate Origin Live tonearm, and one of the very best arms in the world yet made. Underneath its sleek, unprepossessing exterior lies a wealth of high technology which elevates its performance to hitherto undreamed of levels.

Hearing an Enterprise is an unforgettable event. Breathtakingly realistic, it simply lets the music flow out to the listener in an unmediated way. Although it deserves the very best turntables and cartridges that money can buy, it unlocks huge performance gains from lesser ones and makes mediocre recordings positively sing. From its massively powerful and highly tuneful bass, to a treble that is gorgeously silky yet amazingly spacious, it’s a sublime performer. The mineral clarity of the midband is uncanny, and the sound staging profound. Prospective purchasers of a high end tonearm owe it to themselves to audition this seminal design.

To understand the importance of tonearms in system hierarchy, see ’analysis of leading arms’.

This explains why Origin Live products have cutting-edge performance and provides an in-depth explanation of many facets of their design.

• Hybrid armtube made of six materials, improving on Conqueror through improved energy dissipation and rigidity

• Ultra-low friction, perfectly stable dual-pivot bearings design for vertical movement. Two single tungsten carbide points rest in hardened cups, to mimic gimbal bearing stability but with much lower friction. Dual pivot explained

• Floating vertical bearings more highly specified and with much lower friction than all lower arms in the range.

• Sophisticated Yoke decoupling, with several additional isolation interfaces from the vertical bearings. This includes a turret plate design unique to the Enterprise.

• High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics

• Ultra low loss Silver Hybrid-S version internal arm wiring

• External Silver Hybrid arm cable with 95% shielding

• High conductivity single point contact Copper Harmony RCA plugs

• Specialy selected materials used throughout

• Integral VTA adjustment

• Azimuth adjustment.
• Fits all Rega armboard cutouts – including old style threaded base or new 3-point mounting

• 12” option. Click thumbnail to view a larger image. Optional subchassis available for fitting a 12″ arm to Origin Live turntables

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