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Trinnov Amplitude 16

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  • One Channel 8Ω:200W (1kHz, 0,1% < THD+N)
  • One Channel 4Ω:400W (1kHz, 0,1% < THD+N)
  • One Channel Bridged 8Ω:800W (1kHz, 0,1% < THD+N)
  • One Channel Bridged 4Ω:1000W (1kHz, 0,1% < THD+N)
  • Total Output Power (120 VAC):2800W all channels driven SE or BTL
  • Total Output Power (230 VAC):3200W all channels driven SE or BTL
  • Peak Power:6080W all channels driven SE or BTL
  • Gain:16 dB single ended / 22 dB bridged


  • THD+N Single Ended:0.0015% – 8Ω, 5W (2dBu)
  • THD+N Bridged:0.0015% – 8Ω, 20W (8dBu)
  • Frequency Response:+0/- 0,6 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, load-independent
  • Damping Factor:2340 at 100Hz / 1820 at 1kHz / 354 at 10kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio:126 dB ref to rated 1% THD output (A-Weighted)
  • Crosstalk:96dB single ended 200W 8Ω
  • Intermodulation Distortion:Less than 0.05%


  • Input Connectors:2x DB25 Female, Tascam Analog Pinout
  • Input Impedance:47 kΩ, each phase
  • Input Sensitivity:6.16V (+18dBu)
  • Output Connectors:1x 5 way binding post per channel


  • Power Requirement:2x 100/240V (auto-selecting)
  • Power Consumption:0,52W Standby; 125W idle; Max 2x 2000W
  • Power Input:2x IEC C14
  • Inrush current at startup:16A (<100ms, each inlet)
  • Thermal Conversion:683 BTU/h MAX
  • Mains Fuse:2x 10 Amp slow blow
  • 12V Trigger Input:5-15 VDC; Steady State (mini-jack TS)
  • 12V Trigger Output:8-10 VDC; Steady State (mini-jack TS)


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm, including rack ears:482 x 132 x 452
  • Dimensions (L x H x P) inches, including rack ears:19” x 5 1/5” x 17 4/5”
  • Shipping box dimensions (W x H x D) cm:54 x 53 x 22
  • Weight:20.5kg / 45.3 lbs
  • Shipping weight / volume:22.4kg / 0.064 M3


  • Standard Warranty:5 year
  • Transferable:Yes



Effectively two 8-channel amplifiers on a single 3RU chassis, the Amplitude16 has dual power supplies, each requiring its own 15A AC mains power inlet.


  • Maximum continuous power with all 16 channels driven is 2800W at 115V and 3200W at 230V with less than 0.1% THD+N.
  • Maximum peak power with all 16 channels driven is 6080W with 1% THD+N.


In its base model, it is a 16-channel power amplifier with a power rating of 200W/channel at 8 ohms and 400W/channel at 4 ohms.

Going beyond, the Amplitude16 provides the integrator with the option to bridge pairs of amplifier channels to increase available power for specific outputs.

This enables the integrator to maximize power for the channels with the greatest demand (left, center, and right screen channels).

In bridged mode, the power increases to 800W/channel at 8 ohms and over 1,000W/channel at 4 ohms.


Balanced analog input is through dual Tascam pinout DB25 connectors, which eliminate the need for up to 16 individual XLR connections, making for a much more efficient connection and rack dressing.

A front panel LED display identifies normal operation, channel clipping, protection, and bridge status for each pair of channels. Trigger inputs and outputs are provided to power on the amplifier and to daisy-chain other amplifiers in the system.


The input level sensitivity of the Amplitude16 matches perfectly the Altitude output level to maximize dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.

The importance of this trait cannot be over-estimated in a theater that may have twenty or thirty speakers in a single room. If each of those speakers were producing even a small amount of noise, it would rapidly become noticeable and unacceptable.

This scenario never arises with the Amplitude16


Anticipating future advanced applications, another unique feature of the Amplitude16 is its optional Audio over IP input board, which provides an option for connecting the amplifier with networked audio. This board includes functions for monitoring the amplifier hardware status.

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