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Audio Analogue AA DAC

60,000 kr

The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection, make it a perfect partner for your digital sources. AAdac has a wide variety of functions and entering the set-up it is possible to regulate the led intensity, to change the channels balance, to select one of the 7 different digital filters and to set it to volume regulated mode to let it work as a preamplifier.


Technical description

High performance D/A converter up to 32bit/768Khz using Sabre ES9038. Amanero USB converter up to 32bit/384KHz. Native DSD up to 512. 7 different digital filters. SPDIF, Toslink, AES/EBU digital inputs. Bluetooth aptX® high quality audio wireless input. Separate boards for each stage. Separate power supplies dedicated to digital and analogue sections. Fully balanced output stage and with discrete audiograde components to perfectly support ultra-low noise and ultra-low distortion digital stage. High quality headphone output. Possibility to use in direct(DAC) or volume regulated mode(DAC + preamp).



Technical features

Channels  2
Output level  2.9 µV (22 Hz ÷ 20 kHz )
Output level(A weighted) 2.1 µV
Output voltage – balanced(1kHz/0dB) 3.35 VRMS
Output voltage – unbalanced(1kHz/0dB) 3.35 VRMS
Dynamic range(A weighted) 124 dB
THD+N(1dB, 1kHz, FS = 48 kHz) -108 dB
ENOB    17.65 BIT
Standby power consumption(230VAC) 0.7W
Dimensions(HxWxD) 100x220x390 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg

Silver, Svart

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