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Albedo Cermo anti-vibration

4,790 kr


The model we are presenting here was created in order to isolate electronic devices from mechanical vibrations that affect the devices’ functioning in a significant way. One of the most unique electronic devices is a device for reproduction of high quality electroacoustic signal and we mean each and every element of an acoustic tract – sound sources, amplifiers and speakers with the special mention of gramophones, CD players and tube amplifiers. Mechanical vibrations exist in our surrounding and reducing them is a vital factor in creating a high quality sound system.

The pads have been optimized for the most effective vibration isolation within the range up to 200Hz. Solutions we have implemented are based on the horizontal placement of the bearings and using ceramic elements as well as elastomers for the highly effective isolation of vertical vibrations. Both mechanical solutions as well as the materials used, including damping materials of different density, ensure superb effectiveness of the stands and influence the quality of the sound in a significant way.

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