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Procella P8

35,500 kr


“Wow, do the Procella P8 rocks! These speakers are incredibly dynamic!”
farsider3000, Houston TX via AVS Forum

The P8 is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 Studios (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering).


The P8 is the heart of the Procella line. The P8 is capable of stunning reproduction of the full dynamic range of 96K/24-bit music and film soundtracks in large rooms with extremely low distortion, studio accuracy and audiophile sound quality.

This high-resolution,high-output device enables listeners to hear every element of sound, including the most subtle details, at any playback level. Its Italian pro audio 1” compression driver is mounted on a custom Procella elliptical waveguide to provide controlled directivity, with no dynamic compression, even at very high SPL. It combines with a custom high performance 8” mid-bass driver and Procella’s Identical VoicesTM crossover for a precise timbre match to all other Procella speaker models.

The P8 is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 Studios (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering).

“Procella knows from sound“
DVICE magazine




IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms nominal, Above 12 Ohm in working range, phase angles less than 30 degrees
POWER HANDLING Continuous 250 Watt, Peak 1000 Watt
MAXIMUM SPL free-standing 116dB continuous, 122dB peak / in baffle wall 122dB continuous, 126dB peak
FREQUENCY RESPONS -3dB points 80Hz and 20kHz
DISPERSION PATTERN -6dB Constant directivity | 80°H x 35°V from 1.5kHz
CROSSOVER 4th Order Linkwitz-Riley 1.6 KHz, BSC
COMPONENTS High Frequency 1.5” driver with a Polyester diaphragm on a Procella designed elliptical constant directivity wave guide, Midrange 8” driver with 40mm voice coil in 15litre sealed box
CONNECTIVITY Gold plated large diameter binding posts
CONSTRUCTION Void free MDF internally cross braced Studio vinyl finish as standard
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT HxWxD 16.125” x 17.7” x 7.875/5.4” (7° tilt) 410 x 450 x 200/138 mm (7° tilt) / 31.3Lbs / 14.2 Kg
SHIPPING CARTON HxWxD 19.75″ x 23.6″ x 12″ / 500 x 600 x 300 mm / 37.3Lbs / 16.9Kg
WALL MOUNT Wall mount bracket included
ASSEMBLY Sweden 100% QC testing
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