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Magnepan MMG W

8,990 kr


The MMG W is an on-wall addition to our 60-day, money-back guarantee MMG program. This multi-channel, planar speaker is designed to be attached to or placed next to a wall or cabinet. These speakers will normally be used in conjunction with one of the Magneplanar model Woofers or a self-powered subwoofer in a serious music or home theater system … or both.

The MMG W can be attached to a wall or cabinet and folded out of the way when not in use. It is the perfect solution for rooms which cannot accommodate floor standing models.

The MMG W’s small size and low frequency response to 100 Hz is made possible by attaching the speaker to a wall or to the side of a cabinet, which enhances the lower frequencies … from 100Hz up, the MMG W is pure Magneplanar. The midbass to midrange and high frequencies have the amazing speed and definition of all Magneplanars… The speakers are small, but the sound is big.

Although home theater is an obvious application for these speakers, they really show their stuff when used in a system that is demanding for both home theater and serious music listening. Generally, home theater sound has not been as demanding (in the purist sense) as dedicated music systems. Listen to music through the typical home theater system and you will hear what we mean. The MMG W works very well for both and enables your system to be ready for all levels of future technology for all types of listening… 2-channel Stereo, multi-channel surround music, and the best of home theater.

No place for a center channel speaker?

The photo below is of a demonstration in a hotel during a Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The on-wall models immediately flanking the on-wall video monitor provide a dual center channel array which can outperform a single center channel speaker.

A pair of our on-wall speakers achieves a center channel image in the same manner as a stereo system achieves a center image. By angling the speakers approximately 30 degrees to the wall, the center channel speaker on the left of the video monitor is on-axis with the viewer off to the right— and consequently is louder than the center channel speaker on the right of the monitor (which is closer to the viewer). This ”pulls” the audio image to the left and keeps the dialog centered on the screen better than point source speakers.

And there is a bonus for those willing to install this unorthodox concept. In blind-fold testing, listeners found that center channel dialog and information was easier to understand with a ”Maggie” dual center than with a conventional single center channel speaker. Extensive research on speech intelligibility is available on the internet.

What is the best location for your MMG Ws?

It is best that the ”interior designer” and ”audiophile” agree on the best location before beginning a permanent installation. Ask about our $30 Disposable Speaker Stand Kit. This temporary speaker stand allows you to easily move the MMG Ws around the room to test for the best location for both sound and sight.

Available in natural, black hardwood trim, with off-white, black and gray fabric options.


White Oak, Black Black

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