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Ludic Kratos

4,690 kr

The Ludic Kratos power filter is our higher performance filter that can stand up to comparisons with the highest level products.
Ludic Kratos offers a very clean and stable supply voltage ,the resulting sound is more impactful with a bigger and deeper soundstage for a perfect sound and musical picture and the lowering of DC noise allows a deeper dive into the micro-details.
It reveals more texture and decay around each note and more acoustic information in the air between instruments and vocalists.
Now cut the crap, we can’t really predict how it will work in every situation, every audio set and ears and perspective are different, but when it comes down to it, only you can tell, but we at Ludic are sure that Ludic Kratos will do a very good job in supplying your audio devices with stable power and lowering the noise floor.
Ludic Kratos is housed in a silver or black brushed aluminum housing, with a dampened sub chassis that reduces mechanical vibrations of the filter components caused by the 50-Hz grid frequency.
The built-in surge suppressor protects your precious devices from voltage peaks.
We use for the Body a aluminum alloy precision processing, that is the most widely used class of non-ferrous metal structure materials, in for example in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industry has this been widely used,
Ludic Kratos thickness is 7MM, this enhances interference ability, and after the aluminum alloy processing , we use dense oxide film for the internal work, this is part of the purification effect.
The Ludic Kratos led screen with a pure black background mirror makes it very beautiful, and the colour is also very soft in the night.

European standard socket:
We use  European standard sockets, by using engineering plastic aviation engineering ABS (fire prevention, hightemperature resistance,  with 30% glass fiber), these are characteristics of more qualitative breakthroughs.  (US sockets will become available later this year).




There are 2 Direct sockets and 6 filtered sockets




The internal structure of The power purifier is composed of circuit board, circuit components and fine chip. The internal structure
is dust-free to make its operation more smooth, but its still recommended to make sure the power filter is not in a dusty

Temperature: Avoid exposure to high or very low temperatures (above 55°C or below 0°C), and extreme changes in the



Kratos has aan overload protection on the backend of the powerfilter, and also on the back is the on/off button located to ensure a smooth finish at the front-end of the powerfilter.


Svart, Silver

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