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Purist Audio Design Aquila

13,400 kr

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Even more evident than with analog, the slightest variation can cause phenomenal differences to the trained ear. Purist Audio reached this conclusion through months of in-house testing, by sampling different cables, different builds, and different audio setups. When entering the realm of digital, one must design specifically for digital, and to exacting detail.

Through our research, we’ve uncovered that certain forms of shielding and materials are needed to achieve that perfect quality in the digital audio arena. While our high-end cables achieve this effect, they are out of the range of most consumers. So this year, we’ve begun to approach digital from the ground-up, with an aim in design for today’s more cost-conscious consumer.

The Aquila Digital AC is a product of our over 25 years’ experience and our ground-upwards approach. It is made for the digital format with precise attention to shielding and careful use of ferrite materials. The Aquila Digital AC’s construction prevents the transmission of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) signals from other digital devices to the power supply. EMI is an undesirable side effect which can seep into an analog front end from the AC line.

We offer the Aquila with an optional Furutech C7 plug, which allows it to work with devices such as the Mac Mini. We also invite you to try out our Aquila Digital AC through any of our dealers and distributors. Your ears will hear the difference that made-for-digital will make!

The Aquila Digital Power Cord is terminated with the Wattgate Gold US plug or Euro plug and the Wattgate Gold 15 amp IECC or C7. Other plugs can be used upon request to fit the needs of your system.

All Aquila Digital cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Aquila Digital Power Cord Technical Specifications
Conductors OFC
Metals Cu
Shielding 100%
Dielectric Material P.V.C.
Gauge (effective) 12 AWG
Dampening Material N/A
Current Capacity DC (cable only) 41 A
Current Capacity (overall product) 15 A with 15 amp IECC / 20 A with 20 amp IECC
Resistance 0.00521 Ω/m
Estimated Break-In Time 250 Hours
Cable Diameter 5/8 Inch
Connector Type 330iAU or 390iAU & 350iAU or Furutech C7
Material Treatment Triple (3x) Cryomag©

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