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Shunyata Hydra Delta D6

49,100 kr


The Delta D6 power distributor provides compelling proof of Shunyata Research’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art performance at an affordable price. The Delta D6 deservedly takes it place in our Performance Line of power distributors.

For the first time Shunyata Research has incorporated its finest, most exclusive technologies into a package priced so affordably that it will redefine value well beyond its price.

The Delta D6’s unheard of combination of measurable noise reduction, patented science, exclusive parts and limited life-time warranty (US & Canada only) will be impossible to find outside of Shunyata Research’s meticulously hand-crafted line of reference power distributors.


True to form, Shunyata Research wasted no time in applying its finest patented technologies and performance features – previously available only in Hydra Triton v2 and Denali models – into the affordable Delta D6 outlet model.

In addition to offering enough outlets to power any complex system, the Delta D6 delivers a staggering > 40dB @ 1mHz. By any standard the performance of this unit represents a new benchmark for performance at and well beyond its retail price.

The Delta D6 deliver all this performance along with Shunyata Research’s signature DTCD® (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) technology, allowing it to be paired with an unlimited variety of electronics including high-current amps, projectors, digital front ends and entire systems.

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